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Raikage: this is one of the treasure implements that have sealed 8b, “kohaku no (amber) jyohei(clarity jar)”
tunade: it’s rather a pot than a jar
Raikag: unlike the gourd called beni-hisago, just with the target responding to the holders call this records the voice of the target and seals the target in.
shikaku: …
Raikag: only this one is taken from kin gin brothers…well send this to Darui to seal kinkaku!
Shikaku: but the war situation is tenser. to carry this, time is too pressing on us ~~
raikages secretary (mabui): ma Lord Raikage, its ready! It can be sent to darui anytime!
Raikage: mabui’s nin-jutsu is the instant object transport that sends things at the speed of light. Thats way she became my secretary. i had her prepare the jutsu in case things like this should happen.
Tsunade: then again if it was their nin-tool they must know its how to deal with it.
All depend on how to make them respond and to seal them tho.  
Shikaku: …in this case, i have an idea
Raikage: we both have excellent people, dont we…Tunade
Mabui: tenso(heavenly transport)no jutsu!!#

the pot arrives at daruis place.
Darui:here it comes!

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Naruto Manga 529 Spoilers

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   When Ichigo returns to his former big size.
He got a splash of sneeze by Riruka.
Ichigo got soaked in a slimy wet.
The badge became to make some weird noise.

Shocked, the badge is brought near the ear.
「ザザッ   …が無いだろう! イチゴの奴がそんなーー 」ザーザー
“Zaza(*sound effects)…..not there! Ichigo bastard, that…”
Through that weird noises though
イチゴ (ルキアの声だったーー …!)
Ichigo :: That’s Rukia’s voice.
Ginjou watches it(him)
Although determined to be useful to Tsukishima, he do anything to Orihime, because she is so pretty.
獅子「ぶっころしに来たってことだ てめーの仲間の眼鏡野郎みてーにな」
Shishi “I came here to beat you to death. Look at your spectacle friend.”
井上 石田くんをおそったのは あなたなの?
Orihime:: “Are you the person who take on Ishida-kun?”
A sudden change of atmosphere, current…..
背後から 月島が
From behind, Tsukishima says.
石田くんを襲ったのは 僕だよ
I am the person who attacked Ishidakun.

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Kinkaku and Ginkaku are shinobi with the Raikage. [a/n: Kinkaku = Golden Horn. Ginkaku = Silver Horn. The Kinkaku Force was the group that killed the Second Hokage.]

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Luffy somehow gets lost inside the palace
Luffy finds a room with massive metal bars
He opens… and finds gigantic mermaid princess, weeping inside!
(it appears she is the daughter of Neptune)
The mermaid princess cries her eyes out, and Luffy doesn’t know what to do

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Gaara’s daddy is summoned. The Second Mizukage is summoned.
The Second Tsuchikage is summoned
The Third Raikage is summoned.
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Yuzu and Karin await Ichigo’s return.

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One Piece Chapter 612: Led to by the shark we saved

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one piece 612 English translation

Luffy somehow gets lost inside the palace
Luffy finds a room with massive metal bars
He opens… and finds gigantic mermaid princess, weeping inside!

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